Choose a program that's right for you. Or let us customize one for you.
Mary Jean tailors every program to your organization.
Customized program topics also can be prepared for your unique needs.

Dining Etiquette

From the corner cafe to the corporate dining room, business conducted over meals can make or break a business or career connection. Mary Jean prepares you to demonstrate your skills in modern dining etiquette to help you seal the deal.

Business Etiquette

Every business has “unwritten rules” that no one tells you until you break them. Find out how to identify what really is expected and how to put that knowledge to use in your career management.

Career Skills

Mary Jean has worked in career management in corporate and educational settings. She can equip you with the skills to be a successful team member — communicating with confidence, interviewing for results, social savvy on the job and knowing what your resume really says about you.

Custom Programs

Ask about our custom programs. Do you have a business need not included here? We’ll design a program just for your unique needs. If we can’t deliver it to you, we’ll refer you to someone who can.